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THE LATEST NEWS: The LifeChoice Activox is about to get a companion. Inova will soon be introducing the LifeChoice Activox DUO2. The new DUO2 is a home concentrator that will provide up to 5 liters per minute. But it’s not just an ordinary home concentrator.

The Activox portable concentrator and the DUO2 will work together. The DUO2 includes a docking station where the Activox portable concentrator batteries can be recharged. And the DUO2 will benefit from the Activox portable unit through a diagnostic interface. This makes the Activox DUO2 the first integrated home oxygen system.

The LifeChoice Activox portable oxygen concentrator is the latest product from Inova Labs. After receiving rave reviews with the original LifeChoice, Inova set out to make a great portable concentrator even better.

Weighing only five pounds, the new LifeChoice Activox is a lightweight portable oxygen concentrator. It operates on an internal battery, optional battery pack, 12 V power source and AC outlet. The new internal battery provides up to seven hours of use and can be increased to over ten hours with the additional battery pack, giving an unprecedented amount of mobility, unseen in other portable concentrators of its size.

Like its predecessor, the Inova LifeChoice Activox delivers pulse doses equivalent to 1, 2 and 3 lpm, and is equipped with SLEEP MODE technology, which allows the unit to automatically adjust patient therapy based on oxygen requirements during activity and sleep.

Activox golfingThe Activox also features PULSE-WAVE Technology, which delivers oxygen continuously during inspiration.

The Inova LifeChoice is virtually maintenance free, that with its compact size make is perfect for maintaining the quality of life you are looking for.

Fitted with a 4-way carry case that does not require the use of a cart. The 4-way strap system allows the case to be fitted as a backpack, shoulder strap, waist pack, or brief case.

Finally, the LifeChoice Activox is FAA approved for airline travel.

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